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Location & FAQ

Cabo San Lucas Sunset District

The Sunset district is a nice neighborhood tucked away on the west side of town, hence the name. It is just out of the hustle and bustle of town, but also a conveniently located to many of the main attractions of Cabo.


The Whole-Tel is located approximately 1 km from the Marina and many of Cabo's famous restaurants and bars and about 2 km from the main beaches. Perched at the start of the hill, the location offers expansive views of the town of Cabo San Lucas as well as slices of the Sea of Cortez.


Q: How much is it to rent the Whole-Tel?

A: Prices for the ENTIRE property start as low as $2,200 USD per night for up to 20 guests. Nightly rates increase to just $3,000 USD for 21-30 guests; and $4,000 for 30+ guests.

Q: What about taxes and fees? 

A: Local taxes are 16%, plus a  5% lodging tax. Cleaning fees range from $200-$400 during your stay, depending on the number of nights. 

Q: Can we rent individual rooms at the Whole-Tel?
A: For the most part No. Other than special events put on
by Whole-Tel, individual rooms are not available. You get the "whole place" to yourself.

Q: Is this all-inclusive?
A: It can be! With our exclusive event planning/concierge service, we can help you arrange transportation, meals, excursions, live music and whatever else your group might desire.

Q: Can I have a private event at the Whole-Tel?
A: Absolutely. If you want to put on your own personal event where you have your groups attention, we have the perfect spot for it. Whether you are putting on a yoga retreat, cooking/chef experience, a therapy retreat, work retreat, etc., you are more than welcome to organize your event and sell your spaces.

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