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Wedddings, Events, Catering, Etc

Retreats and Events

Whether you are organizing a special tour with a niche theme, or you are an expert content creator hoping to host a retreat, we have a base in Cabo for you! Ideal for workshops, seminars, events, or just enjoying the tropical sunshine, our incredible group accommodation offers endless possibilities for your business.


The versatile space features 20 rooms with 28 beds, most of which boast their own private balcony. Meanwhile, WiFi is available throughout the property to assist with any special activities you have planned.


Planning an extra special occasion with all your family and friends? How fun would it be to have everyone together in one place? Our creative new vacation concept lets you do just that, with the ability to hire an entire boutique hotel for you and your entire entourage.


Complete with amenities such as a pool and hot tub, our property in Cabo San Lucas sleeps up to 40+ guests, bringing you the privacy of a vacation home with the capacity of a boutique hotel. We are on hand to help you plan your special event, from providing on-site meals and transport to your guests to organizing exciting social activities.

Large Group Vacations

With one property currently located in Cabo San Lucas, and more coming soon, we have the perfect property for trips with your entire team. Whether you have a huge extended family, a giant group of friends, or a considerable amount of colleagues, the we have room for everyone.


Unlike a typical vacation home, you can still benefit from a range of services to make your stay complete, from catering packages, private group activities/excursions to laundry and a dedicated concierge.

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